Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Book Review: 'I Thee Wed' by Amanda Quick

I’ve read this book three times and I can’t believe it’s only now I’m writing a review. Amanda Quick’s stories are my go-to books when I need something I know will take me away from the stress of everyday life. I Thee Wed has an element of re-readability that I enjoy.
Ms. Quick’s stories sometimes have a formulaic feel to them that I find comforting. This novel isn’t boring or predictable except for the fact that the heroine is usually intriguing and unique, the hero is fascinated by her mind and personality and there’s always a villain that is clever and hard to catch. Trying to outsmart a criminal is a tough business, but add in an element of possible paranormal influence and it becomes engaging. Is the paranormal real or fake, is the Book of Secrets quackery or the genuine stuff of legends? Does Emma truly have an otherworldly talent or is it coincidence? Who killed the creepy letch? Who focused the young criminal’s attention on Edison? Will Edison be forced to kill him? Why is the tattoo so important? And what really happened to Ms. Kent? So many exciting questions need to be answered and Ms. Quick insures that a reader’s interest is kept engaged chapter after chapter.
My favorite part of this novel is Emma’s ability to challenge Edison. Not only about how competent a female can be in investigating a crime, but her clear-eyed empathy about the situation between the hero and his grandmother makes him doubt all that he assumed. She inspires Edison to see things differently, to question and to grow as a person. His falling in love with her makes him a better man in the end so it makes the happy ever after that much more powerful.
The sensual, sexy scenes are softly told – the descriptions are not graphic or glaring, but a reader has an open door view and can enjoy the moments when Edison and Emma succumb to their passions.
I Thee Wed is a guaranteed entertaining read. I enjoy the dialogue, the action, the suspense, the solving of the murders and Emma and Edison’s unusual courtship. There is a reason that this book is, and has been, on my keeper shelf. Ms. Quick knows how to write a romance story that gives fans of the genre exactly what they look for. I’m a satisfied, happy reader – again.

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