Friday, November 10, 2017

Book Review: 'His to Punish' by Doris O’Connor

Love, Hate and Revenge.
When Jeanette, a former dance teacher, steps into La Masquerade as a dancer, she thought she knew all she needed to know. She had a plan. No matter what else happens, she would get revenge for the death of her sister.
What happens after she auditions was not what she ever expected and it tested her at every step. It even made her question the relationship she thought she had with her sister.
Upfront disclosure, I haven’t read the first book in this series. I love a series where each book can be read as a standalone while a common thread or reoccurring characters tie the series together. His To Punish has all the right elements to make it as a standalone. Readers new to the BDSM genre should be aware that it also has a variety of things that may not be what a first time reader of erotic romance is expecting. That being said this book and the plot showed the characters every facet, good, bad, everything.
The chemistry between Jeanette and Ty was hot and sizzling and the passion was brought out more with every chapter I read.
As second in command of the Cleaners, Ty is full on Dominant with a capital D. I love everything about the story but was a little surprised at how quickly Jeanette embraces becoming a submissive. The author may have felt rushed to get beyond that aspect of the relationship, the push/pull of a new submissive, to develop the rest of the plot and build on Ty and Jeanette’s HEA. The story doesn’t lag but moves quickly and kept my attention.
Overall, I truly enjoyed this book. It has love, family, and just the right amount of sizzling chemistry.

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