Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: 'His Best Friend’s Girl' by Cathryn Fox

He’d been protecting her for as long as he could remember.
girlHoly hot ideas, Batman. In lust with one of her best friends since childhood, Sky enlists their mutual best friend to get the guy she thinks she wants. All Matt has to do is pretend he’s suddenly into her. Lucky for him, he doesn’t need to pretend at all.
I kind of loved everything about the premise and was really really hoping the story would meet my expectations. Boy did it! When Matt turns on the charm to convince their friends that he’s hitting on Sky, let’s just say she has a hard time focusing on the original plan. It also doesn’t hurt that certain events give them plenty of catalyst and opportunity to explore their chemistry.
Also, everyone should have a friend like Kat. This is the first book in this series that I’ve read but I think I’m going to have to go back and read the others to see what part she plays in the other couples who make appearances in this book and then I’ll be on the look out for her book as well. She’s fun.
The chemistry between Matt and Sky is off the charts. Matt admits to himself early on that he loves Sky but he’s a very interesting combination of sexy, ex-military gentleman outside the bedroom and super alpha all about the kink in the bedroom. I liked how the author shows Sky slowly seeing what was obvious to everyone else. I was curious to see how the development would affect their relationship with the other best friend, Caleb. I think Caleb is going to be just fine and I hope he gets his HEA soon. He’s going to make some girl really happy!
Every once in a while, when I really get absorbed in a story, I can hear a sound track play. This one may seem a little odd but Matt and Sky are so sweet, I could so clearly see Adam Sandler singing Grow Old With You to Drew Berrymore in The Wedding Singer. Yeah, it was that kind of epic love story.
This author just made my auto buy list as well as sent me out to look for the back list of this series. The length is really good because it didn’t give them too much time to waffle back and forth but it did give Matt ample opportunity to teach Sky that she loved a good spanking. This one is an easy recommend to read and re-read.

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