Thursday, November 16, 2017

Book Review: 'Heart of a Hunter' by Tamela Miles

Though this book is short in length it carries a story that is quick in catching a readers attention. Seventeen year old Elle Connor is very mature for her age and when approached by a demon one evening walking home she doesn’t seem to be in shock or alarmed. Elle’s of age to learn her purpose but will Tagas be able to save her and teach her how to become a demon hunter?
I enjoyed the author’s writing style. Though this is a short story the author took the time to paint vivid settings that made it easy to picture the Los Angeles scene. The setting details flowed with the story and gave hints of visuals such as ‘the late summer sun low in the west was setting’, and such descriptive and thought provoking details with word description as ‘black velvet sky overhead’.
The plot is interesting and kept my attention. It was just the right amount of high school life, romance and action. Elle is a believable character and her sweet personality is one that won me over. Elle is a senior in high school living a normal teen life until she is approached by Pyro. Tagas is there to save her and also help her fulfill training to become a demon hunter. While her friends are going off to college Elle knows that her future now is different than those of her friends. I enjoyed the relationship between Elle and Brandon McGovern. Brandon cares about Elle and makes plans to keep in touch with Elle while away at college. After a party things change and Elle comes in contact with demon Cascadia. The training Elle has received has come in handy. Elle has grown stronger in strength and in knowledge. She is able to hold her own. Elle is young and she is also a character that I admire. Her home life may not be the best and now she knows her purpose is to be a demon hunter; she embraces that she is different.
With a personal vow to become the best demon hunter and make all demons suffer I am excited and looking forward to reading the next installment in this series.

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