Friday, November 17, 2017

Book Review: 'Haunted Souls' by Kathryn Knight

Haunted souls indeed.
The book is about haunted souls, both the paranormal ghost variety and live souls/people with pasts that haunt them day and night.
The book is multi-layered with intricate plots, including a ghost and a secondary story dealing with the main characters and how their relationship will turn out. This is initially the main plot until Tyler’s friend makes their presence known. That ghost wasn’t going to be ignored for sure. In a neat twist, that doesn’t give the story away, the ghost is a catalyst to bringing Emily and Brett together.
Emily and Brett have a past. The chemistry, attraction and beginnings of love were there but the timing couldn’t have been worse. Without the paranormal element, this book would be counted among the “secret baby” tropes. When Brett learns that Emily hid his son from him, he’s understandably livid. Emily realizes that she can’t hide from him anymore and he deserves to know his son more.
The story starts from there and the author, held back some… meaning not all was revealed in the beginning and that was a good thing. It kept me on my toes wanting to know more and more and curious as to how and when the author would include the paranormal element. She didn’t disappoint.
The romance and the attraction was there regardless of Brett still being angry with her. The book is a great romance with a hint of mystery regarding the ghost.
With every chapter I read I got to know the characters more and saw their relationship develop as chemistry and passion collided. Perfect combo and an enjoyable read.

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