Monday, November 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Happy Ever After in Christmas' by Debbie Mason

Looking for a heartwarming romance? A story that engages all your senses and makes you feel like you are there? A love story about a man who can’t resist the attraction of his best friend’s ‘not so baby’ baby sister’? A heroine who is strong in many ways but vulnerable when it comes to her heart? All this and more is in store for readers in the wonderful novel that is Happy Ever After in Christmas.
Jill is a sheriff’s deputy and she’s quite good at her job. A reader learns just how good she is during one of the books exciting plot climaxes. Before that though, readers are treated to a woman with hopes, dreams, insecurities and an untapped passion. The only person that comes close to breaching her heart’s protections is the hero, Sawyer. He’s an addiction she just can’t resist. I give her credit, she surely gives it the ol’ college try.
Sawyer has some huge hurdles to overcome to reach his happy ever after with the woman he comes to love, Jill. Some will tug on a reader’s heartstrings to the point that putting the book down isn’t an option. There is so much emotion being tapped that it’s hard for guy to know what to do. Thing is, Sawyer shows his love in a hundred different ways, he’s creative, dogged and earnest. When he wants something, he goes after it. But what happens when what he does isn’t working? Poor guy is put through the wringer, not the least of which is being the target of an angry villain.
Secondary characters abound to help the two lovebirds find their way. I guess this book is the culmination of a series but I never read the others, and yet, I never felt lost or that I was missing out on key elements. This novel is about Jill and Sawyer; the things that draw them apart and the things that bring them together, the joys of dating and the pain of parting and loss. It’s the sweet and simple way they come together again that embodies the best of what romance has to offer readers. Falling in love makes more than two people happy, it brings joy to all who love them as well. Happy Ever After in Christmas is a true delight of the heart. There’s so many things that I can share in this review but my words can’t do them justice.
The chemistry between Jill and Sawyer is very sensual and passionate. The spice is gentle yet powerful and very well written.
Happy Ever After in Christmas is a story not to be missed. Fans of the series should be plenty pleased if this final book is any indication of the stories before. New readers will find so much to like, it wouldn’t surprise me if they checked out Ms. Mason’s back list just to meet some of the other characters who helped on Jill and Sawyer in this novel. This is a wonderful read and an easy recommend.

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