Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: 'The Greek’s Ready-Made Wife' by Jennifer Faye

This is a great romance treat when you need a quick happy ever after fix. I like the theme of the ‘marriage of convenience’ that catches both parties by surprise by turning real. I never know how it’s going to come about and in The Greeks’ Ready-Made Wife I was pleasantly amazed. This story has a flavor of O. Henry’s famous theme and a bit of Horatio Alger thrown in too.
brideThe conflict is mixed with a family betrayal, tragedy and loss, and a child’s yearning for a parent’s forgiveness and acceptance even into adulthood. The story is told by both Kyra and Cristo’s point of view, but it’s mostly through Kyra’s because her character has the most to lose and gain depending how things go.
I enjoyed watching Kyra and Cristo’s non-relationship evolve, grow and change into true friendship. I liked how Kyra slowly, gently showed Cristo that there was more to life than work and she helped him gradually understand what he really was missing in life. He might be rich, influential and driven, but he was more than that and he deserved more than what he was settling for in his life. The heroine had the most to gain but Cristo needed change the most. Their growing romance was beautiful to watch.
Another beautiful aspect of this tale was the opportunity for healing, understanding and the promise of new beginnings. The Greeks’ Ready-Made Wife is full of positive vibes and love. I enjoyed the dialogue, the sweet humor and the many leveled happy ever after. I recommend this romance story to readers who want to satisfy their need for a feel good theme; The Greeks’ Ready-Made Wife delivers.

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