Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Review: 'Good Vampires Go to Heaven' by Sandra Hill

Fans of the series finally get their long awaited HEA for Zeb, the double agent Lucipire vampire. For so long, his character has assisted the Vangels in their fight against evil but in the last novel readers found out that he got caught. Readers know that Jasper is a mean and twisted villainous character so I wasn’t sure what Ms. Hill was going to have him torture Zeb with in Good Vampires Go to Heaven. The answer and this book was worth waiting for.
In this novel, readers finally get to know how Zeb was recruited in the first place. They also get his backstory which was effective in gaining sympathy for his character. Plus Regina, the impatient heroine, finally gets her happy ever after by grabbing a chance to finally see some action. I got to see her backstory as well, and she’s definitely a result of the time period she lived in. By becoming a vangel, it gave her a second chance. I liked that she’s a bit unorthodox in her methods, and she fumbles here and there, but her goal, and ensuing relationship with Zeb because of it, provides lots of entertainment.
Of course there are battles and skirmishes to keep the drama heightened, but the author didn’t explore them with any great detail. Ms. Hill kept the tone light with the focus clearly on Zeb and Regina’s growing romance amidst all the chaos in preparation for the final battle. I think that’s what I appreciated about this last book in the series – the author kept the darkness out from the plot to insure that this last romance was a pleasure to read. No anxiety attacks, no bitten nails, nothing that made me squirm with discomfort, the author made sure the plot conflict did not overshadow the spice and attraction between Zeb and Regina. In doing so, the author made sure I enjoyed myself; it was an easy read.
It was sad to say goodbye to everyone so I appreciated the condensed wrap-up and the embracing of all the heroes and heroines who came before. And, Ms. Hill was consistent to the end with the “Michael dance”. Someday I will see that movie just to get a better understanding of the moves and imagine in my head seven Viking brothers doing it.
My favorite guest appearance was by Tante Lulu. I love that lady because she always makes me smile and I love how the author describes her close relationship with St. Jude. I think we’d all benefit if we acted like intercessory saints were our best buddies and friends and we had constant conversations with them. The love, optimism, enthusiasm and sense of fun and wonder that Tante Lulu embodies makes her stand out in every novel she’s appeared in. She’s a great secondary character.
Yes, Zeb and Regina get some loving action done between the pages. As always, Ms. Hill is able to imbue those scenes with passion, love and even some fun. The writing is well done so they’re quite entertaining and satisfying.
Good Vampires Go to Heaven is a wonderful ending to an exciting, well written and engaging series. Its unique premise, Ms. Hill’s trademark sense of humor and her wonderful way of writing a romance, have truly made this a remarkable series. I’m sad that it’s ended but what a way to go. Fans of the series simply can’t miss this. I wouldn’t recommend new readers start here – it won’t have the impact. This is the culmination of many books where Zeb’s actions earned him a chance at redemption. I’m glad to say it was worth it.

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