Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Book Review: 'The Ghost of January' by Mysti Parker

After the death of her husband on her honeymoon, January roams Europe, afraid to go home to hear her father say ‘I told you so’.
In Amsterdam she finds a job and meets Diederik who has returned to his home town for a short period. They become friends but Diederik becomes cautious when he learns she could be the Ghost Lover who slips away from lovers without any explanation.
This book may be short but it is well written and a compelling read. January’s nervousness of committing herself has taken over her life and the way the author introduced her emotions brought me into the heart of the story. Her desire to get closer to Diederik wavered with indecision and I fully sympathized with the way January swung from one decision to the opposite side.
Good book to read on a wet and windy afternoon as it took me into January’s world and fully engaged my mind.

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