Monday, November 13, 2017

Book Review: 'Fueled by Lust: Geleon' by Celeste Prater

She never stood a chance….
From the moment Geleon laid eyes on Jaelyn Areeda, he was determined to make her his. She could deny it, avoid it, even run from it, but there was no escaping destiny. Her essence called to his on a primordial level; it wouldn’t be denied. Despite her strange reactions around him, Geleon felt her attraction and smelled her arousal. But why did something so seemingly simple and straight forward have to be so difficult? He’d read the instructions and watched all the videos on how to talk to Earth women. He could fight monsters and best his fellow warriors in battle, but when it came to Jaelyn, he felt awkward and out of sorts. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her off and lose her forever so he settled on gaining her trust. Just when he thought he was making headway, she disappears.
Migraines and anxiety attacks plagued Jaelyn for years. She blamed it on mounting bills, limited income, and far too much responsibility. Little did she know her medical conditions were the result of something more elemental. The day Geleon walked into the restaurant she knew her heart was in danger. Overwhelmed by her attraction, her reaction to him summoned an onslaught of intense symptoms—none of which were pleasant. She both wanted him to return and wanted to stay away at the same time. After all, what man wanted a woman with all her problems? When a family emergency comes up, she uses it as an opportunity to escape. Her main priority is taking care of her grandmother. Despite her growing feelings for Geleon, she has to leave.
Book nine of Ms. Celeste Prater’s Fueled by Lust series, Geleon proved to be an equally enjoyable read as were books one through eight. In fact, there’s not a single book in the series that I wouldn’t recommend. One thing I noticed different about this installment is a feeling of clarity. I begin so see answers to questions I didn’t even realize I had. I had several “ah ha!” moments while reading. For me, anyway, I feel Ms. Prater really began to tie things together. Ideas and information on how things are and why things are began to take shape. The connection between Earth and Insedivertus clicked, as did my understanding of the Unfortunate One Hundred. Many ideas that Ms. Prater had skillfully planted in her previous installments really melded in this story. While this offered some closure on loose ends, it also opened up new worlds of possibilities, which I hope in turn means a lot more stories—a reader can only hope.
As with most of Ms. Prater’s stories, I was too engrossed to notice any editing errors or typos. If they were there, I was so captivated by the characters and plot that I didn’t notice. The only negative thing I can say about her books is that with each new installment, I find myself more jealous and envious of these women who are lucky enough to have snagged themselves an Insedi Warrior. Um, I’d like one too please, Ms. Prater, if you have an extra you can spare.
Aside from being a gorgeous and yummy hunk of man meat, Geleon is also very attentive to Jaelyn’s needs and is willing to do whatever he can to rectify the source of her pain and heartache. While he can be a bit hardheaded and narrow-minded on some things, he’s not a bull-in-a-China-shop as some of the other Insedi guys are, and he’s open to seeing others’ points of view after he’s able to mull it over a bit.
Jaelyn’s true character really begins to shine after she’s reunited with Geleon and she sees the length he’s willing to go to in order to help her. At first, she accepts his aid because she has no other option, but it doesn’t take long before she realizes the depth of his devotion and the truth of his declarations of affection for her. As the truth of their connection begins to unfold, Jaelyn realizes their meeting wasn’t merely chance; it was fate. Who is she to argue? Especially when it comes in such a wonderful package.
I can’t recommend Ms. Prater’s stories enough. Her characters are so well thought out and multidimensional; no cookie cutter people here. With each one, she manages to introduce new internal and external struggles, as well as progress the reader’s depth and understanding of Insedivertus and the wonderful warriors who reside there. If you love alpha aliens with big hearts, interplanetary travel, and not-so-helpless females that just need a good man in their life, then Fueled by Lust: Geleon is right for you. Check it out; you won’t be disappointed.

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