Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: 'The Flying Dragon' by Georges Ugeux

Victoria is almost too good to be true. She’s pretty, sexy enough for both sexes to want her, she knows martial arts, and she’s a good detective. Right now she’s an expert at fraud. She’s had success in her previous case and she expects she’ll figure out what’s going on in this one, too. That is, as soon as she figures out what the case is.
DRAGONMr. Ugeux is a global financier by trade and it shows in this book. He writes a tight tale that takes place in China. There are political implications, fraud, and murder included in this tale. He talked a bit more about numbers than I wanted to read about but the tale was good enough to keep me reading.
Victoria starts by trying to help her cop friend’s ex-boyfriend. He’s gotten in over his head and wants help to get out but he’s not telling her the whole story. He works in the office where there has been a suicide recently. It was put down to stress in the office but Victoria is not sure. Especially after she talks to his boyfriend and his parents. The man was quitting his job and getting ready to move. He wouldn’t commit suicide…
Greed leads people into bad places. Some people think they are smarter than they are. That all comes into play in this story.
Our states are still fighting about the equality of men and women but China is still stuck a century back or so. Victoria has to use her fighting skills to keep from being man-handled. The fact that she was visiting with the gay man involved with the “suicide” victim gets her almost raped. However, it turns out the man who was trying to rape her just happened to work at the same company as the “suicide” did. She uses that clue to dig further into the case.
This is complex case but Victoria works her way through it and keeps your attention as she asks more and more questions.

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