Thursday, November 9, 2017

Book Review: 'First Contact' by Kat Green

Haunted houses don’t sell well, but Sloane isn’t slogging them for the money. No, she’s on a single-minded, desperate quest to track down her dead fiancĂ©’s ghost and open her eyes to the supernatural. She is not letting death part her from the love of her life, and her travel to find him is nail-bitingly good. I was zooming through the pages from start to finish.
Not only did this story have ghosts, it also had a mystery to solve, the truth behind why so many ghosts are inside one home. I guessed who was at fault in the first third to half of the book, but this was not a problem. The real mystery and interest to the book is in the twist on how they did it, and the history behind their criminal activity. This was fascinating to uncover and completely unexpected. This discovery and the bonds between ghosts and the human characters kept me wondering which side would win and survive to see another book, and whether the ghosts would ever be at peace.
Sloane as a character starts one-dimensional. She has one need and lets little else get in her way. This makes her foolish, and she jumps into bad situations too quickly. It’s also realistic. She is in the depths of mourning for the man she grew close to and, after his death, convinced herself was perfect.
Sloane’s partner in solving crime, Jonah, is an FBI agent and so not always at hand to help her out of her emotional crisis, and this story’s crisis. However, he is loyal, patient, clever and comes across as very attractive. The problem? She’s not only hung up on her dead ex, but Jonah is also her ex’s best friend. This creates a romantic crisis to go along with the plot’s tumultuous ride through a murder mystery. (Be warned: violence and neglect are explored in the telling of the murders and could cause upset.)
In terms of sexual content, the only fully fulfilled sexual acts are with the dead romantic interest, Michael, in a kind of alternate reality which Sloane reaches during her darkest moments. I found that it was written well but I could not immerse myself in the story as it was written as if it was between a memory and the present, as well as with a person who is now dead, which makes the whole process somewhat odd.
However, the new, dreamy FBI agent is clamouring for Sloane as much as she is in denial over enjoying his company and I foresee a sequel with as much thrilling action and fulfilling mystery as this book, only with the addition of blisteringly hot trysts with a new partner. Bring it on!

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