Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Finding Mr. Right Now' by Meg Benjamin

Do your job, don’t make the bachelorette cry and don’t accidentally steal one of the bachelors for yourself. Piece of cake!
As far as plots go, this one was fun and clever. Most everybody has seen the reality bachelor/bachelorette shows and knows how very little reality there truly is…in most cases. Finding Mr. Right Now keeps true to the stereotype but there was more. There was some real romance and characters that made me care about how the story would end.
One of the aspects of this book that really drew me was how realistic it felt. I could totally picture the behind the scenes production of a show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette being very much like this. I found it interesting that the chosen Bachelorette for Mr. Right wasn’t a typical mean Hollywood Diva. Instead, Ronnie is the epitome of America’s Sweetheart when I met her. I wondered if that was the real her or if she was more of an actress than anyone knew. Only time would tell. Even if she’s not an actress, she’s definitely more observant than she’s given credit for. One of the elements I was looking for was to see how her story would turn out or if it would continue on in the next book.
The real heroine of this story is Monica, associate producer of the reality show. That is not a job for the faint-hearted. Essentially her job is to “deal with it”, whatever and whomever “it” was in any given issue. I liked her. She was, for lack of a better word, real in an industry that excels in proliferating make-believe. She’s also not nearly as jaded as she could be from working in Hollywood.
I liked Paul as well. He was only doing his job when he gets roped into being on the show as opposed to being behind the scenes pulling strings for the show as a writer. That’s a cutthroat industry so the way he gets forced into accepting the position of bachelor #10 was totally believable. The sparks flying between him and Monica were just as obvious. I wondered which direction the author would take it. If the bachelorette, Ronnie, would be a serious contender for his attention or if the focus would be on how he and Monica would develop a relationship around the show. Also, there’s that reporter, Cathe, they have a history and she seemed like trouble the first time I met her.
This trilogy is centered around the town of Salt Box, Colorado. It’s barely a speed bump in the road but the town has some interesting characters and also has an interesting affect on the tourist passing through. Nothing magical in the sense of paranormal. More like a chance to enjoy the slower pace, relax and consider life’s opportunities. Freedom, cleansing and the chances of new beginnings are the words that come to mind.
Altogether, this was a good read. I actually chose the second book in the series, Love in the Morning, to read/review but felt like I needed to see how closely the two were tied together so, I chose to read this one first. I’m glad I did.

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