Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Book Review: 'Finally His' by Doris O’Connor

Staying late to work never had so many benefits.
Jolie is a dedicated and hardworking woman. When she accidentally sends an email, meant for her best friend, to her boss, everything changes.
She had been drooling over her boss for a long time. So was every other woman in her office. What she never considered was that he could be attracted to her, too.
Jolie and Richard have a “singe the sheets” kind of chemistry that just gets hotter with the turn of a page. Jolie’s character is very relatable. She’s normal looking, not tall and skinny like her co-worker, who loves to flaunt that fact. It was easy to get caught in the romance of the story (as well as the sexual chemistry) and swept up to the last pages.
The one thing was that this book was too short. I wanted just one more page, one more chapter, okay lots more chapters. I could have stayed with Jolie and Richard well beyond the last page. It’s a simple trope, been done many times, but the characters held their own and I wanted to see where the author would take their relationship. How would it evolve? Would it last?
This is a quick read but one that will have me reaching for another book by Ms. O’Connor real soon.

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