Monday, November 13, 2017

Book Review: 'Fallen Star' by Allison Morse

The long-ago life and love of a Hollywood star feed this ’70s era mystery.
Kate Bloom found out about violence–and desperation–first hand, as well as getting too close to some of the worst of Hollywood. But, it made her strong.
Gripping and gritty, honestly, the opening violence was a little of a turn-off for me, but played so into character development, that I came to see it as central to the story. Is Kate Bloom a victim or a fighter? Her plight, as well as her determination, captures reader’s hearts and interest from the first.
Before we have the details of her quest or grasp her determination, we find ourselves hoping that she will somehow recover the sweet, well-meaning girl that started the story. The crime, men in her life, the competition to get into the Hollywood world or ‘compete’ with successful all fall second to that.
Dylon Nichols is quite a different story. He is successful. He also seems an opinionated piece of the Hollywood structure. When he fails to recognize her talent and her creativity, we can already tell these two will not hit it off.  At first, we don’t even want them too. However, his insight might be useful, especially as Kate pursues proof about grandmother, Gloria Reardon’s death. While we are pretty sure Kate is right about him being a jerk, he’s useful and she has an agenda…and somehow, we readers find ourselves mirroring the thought process of our main character. It makes the story all the more believable, as does the great inside look at the industry; at how scripts and talent are acquired.
This is an unusual mystery as Kate is chasing down proof of who killed her grandmother. She has strong suspicions (and some special access to info) from the start.
Filled with fear, anger, frustration: Fallen Star delivers action in an unpredictable, fast-paced fashion. A great read.

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