Thursday, November 9, 2017

Book Review: 'The Dragon’s Staircase' by McKenna Grey and Everly Archard

Alexa was excellent at her job in the FBI. She could get inside the minds of killers and bring them to justice. Her last case was her most dangerous. Playing mind games with a head doctor is challenge at the least. Playing one with an insane man is even worse. Her last case had both those components and she almost lost her life. She’s sure she took his but there was no real proof. The fire burned everything. She’s left the FBI as a result. She just couldn’t handle the stress any more.
The authors do a good job of hooking you in the first few pages and dragging you along through the story. There’s danger everywhere. Alexa has trouble trusting people after her incident. They make you feel her fear and worry.
When the FBI call and ask her to come in because they have a similar case, she wants to say no. But she has a fear that the killer might have survived. She agrees to come in. What she finds is a young boy who witnessed a murder and is scared to death by what he’s seen. She also finds a man with him that she thinks is his father. He’s not, but he’s his protector.
The romance is slow to grow because they both don’t like being vulnerable. They need each other to keep the boy safe and themselves safe. She thinks the killer is after her again and she’s right. She just doesn’t know who the killer is this time.
The suspense doesn’t let up and it’s a fight to the end. They keep attempting to kill her and they almost succeed. This is the beginning of a new series and you can tell they will all be suspenseful and have lots of fast action. This was a very good read.

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