Monday, November 13, 2017

Book Review: 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' by Margaret Brownley

She’s only going home to see how her grandmother is doing and help her over the holidays. It’s not starting out very well when she slides off the road into a snow bank and has to walk to the local inn and see if they have a room for the night. Sally lives in the city now and is hoping her new job pans out. This is an interim vacation.
When she reaches the inn, they do have space for her. She also gets to listen to the boy recite his lines from the play he’ll be in. More than once. And, worse luck, she runs into her old flame at the inn. The weather has kept him from getting home, too.
Ms. Brownley writes a sweet romance that draws you in and makes you smile. Sally has all these reasons why she and Rick wouldn’t make a good couple. They are opposites. They eat different things, like different things and want different things. It wouldn’t last. The author almost convinces you of that. Good thing the innkeeper doesn’t give up on them.
With grandma getting together with a man who lives at the rehabilitation house with her, love seems to be in the air. When they decide to go to the play together, he races her wheelchair and grandma screams all the way there.
This is a light airy read with goodness between the lines. It’s a perfect holiday read. Anything that can put love in your heart and give you good feelings is a winner to me. You won’t be disappointed in this sweet romance.

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