Monday, November 13, 2017

Book Review: 'Dirty Boy' by Kat Kelly

I really enjoyed this dark, gritty and raw bad boy romance from the always fabulous Kat Kelly.
First of all this is a very dark and emotional romance. It was well written by a master storyteller to drag me in and tear at my heart. Once I moved past the topic, or common thread, I quickly realized that Kat Kelly had infused this story / series with an intense raw emotion and grittiness that was captivating. The characters, especially the main couple, Story and Max, are unforgettable.
I absolutely loved Story even when I felt like she should’ve stuck up for herself more than she did. She had it so hard and everyone was so mean to her. Basically, Max, the man she loved, along with her mom and just about everyone else hung her out to dry. Good intentions aside, they put her through hell. I couldn’t have forgiven any of that stuff but the author did an excellent job in painting a vivid picture of a sweet innocent who could be capable of forgiveness. But as this story went along it got harder for me to connect with all the mixed signals that Max was giving. He wanted to punish Story, partly because of all the lies, and he showed no compunction about exploiting her. Yet in the next scene he was ready to protect her. It was difficult to understand but so very reminiscent of another Kat Kelly hero that I happen to adore.
At the heart of this romance was an impossible situation and two lovers who had to find their way past the pain of everything that lay between them. The sex was off the charts hot and they desperately loved each other but would love be enough to overcome the lies, betrayal, resentment and principles. I suggest reading this book to find out, and believe me, you will not be disappointed.
I enjoyed reading this super hot romance and hope that Kat Kelly will continue the series.

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