Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Review: 'Daughters of the Bride' by Susan Mallery

Four women, four romances and all occurring amongst the emotional backdrop of the zaniness of an impending, very pink wedding means chaos and fun, tears and cheers for readers of this awesome novel by the talented Ms. Mallery.
The book has many points of view but it’s focused on the three sisters of Sienna, Rachel and Courtney and their interesting heroes of Greg and Quinn. The tricky romance between Courtney and Quinn is the most prominent because Courtney has the biggest secret and the most to overcome. Quinn is really good for her and he’s a hunk. The spiciest scenes occur between the two although eventually Rachel and Greg surpass them with one wonderfully important moment, and even that inspired a few giggles later on.
Rachel’s romance with Greg is the hardest because there’s a history to overcome. By the same token, it’s the most rewarding because they’re just so good for and with each other that I was cheering for them throughout the book. I liked their chemistry. Even though they had some serious issues to work through, I could see the love still burned between them. They both had to face their flaws and faults, own them and then have the courage to go from there. I enjoyed how the author put them through their paces.
Sienna’s story was focused more on her finding her inner strength and believing in making choices that are best for her and not what others expect or demand. Readers will eventually clue in on who is the right person and I like the gentleness of the revelation. As far as I’m concerned, Sienna had a narrow escape because the guy could have put her in a position of being like the very women she’s made her life’s mission to help. I could see that and I was rooting for her to not to fall in love. Isn’t that weird? For a character that seemed to be the strongest, she was actually the weakest. I was fascinated.
The fourth woman is the girls’ mom, Maggie. I can empathize with her more than I thought possible. Why? Because my MIL had that same kind of influence on my wedding as Maggie’s mom did to her. Imagine my surprise that I could relate so well with a character even to the point of having pink as the wedding color. Unlike Maggie, I didn’t have to wait for a second marriage to go pink, LOL – nor did I go quite to the extremes she did. I mean, really, kazoos? Crack me up. As a backdrop, Maggie and Neil’s wedding was a delightful story arc and made the story a delight to read.
The one thing that is solid and enduring throughout Daughters of the Bride is the sense of family, love, affection, forgiveness and caring. The novel is a book that makes a person feel good once the final page is read. All their life threads, though intricately interwoven, are tied up nicely with happy ever afters that are satisfying, are believable and leave a warm afterglow. Oh, and I’d be remiss not to mention the bees. For some reason I thought them to be a perfect comedic foil. Love the name!
A yummy surprise is the inclusion of recipes at the end. For those that want the book glow to continue, you can create a food memory to go along with the storyline.
Daughters of the Bride is a novel written from the heart. It’s about relationships and love mixed up with quirky mishaps making it relatable, believable and engaging. This is a well written, amazing book that is not to be missed. If a reader has never read a book by Ms. Mallery, then this is a wonderful book to start with. I really enjoyed it.

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