Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Darkness Rising' by Lisa Carlisle

risingDarkness Rising is the prequel to the Chateau Seduction Series and I have to confess I read the other three first, which is the wrong order. This book introduces Antoine and tells how he changed from one paranormal creature to another and how he dealt with his unhappiness.
Antoine passes through the years like a spirit and doesn’t interact with anyone. His loneliness drags him down for many decades until he buys the castle on the DeRoche Island and sets up his art colony. He employs Cameron, the only person to know his secret, to run the art retreat for him so he can concentrate on his own sculpting.
The other books in the series are erotica, but this one is not. It fills in the background to the series, explaining the beginnings of both Antoine and his art retreat. Worth reading especially if the reader intends to delve into the rest of the series.

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