Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Dark Stranger' by Lisa Carlisle

The peace and quiet of Les Beaux Arts chateau on DeRoche Island is disturbed when a shape shifter attacks one of the residents. After dealing with the shifter, Antoine Chevalier, the owner of the castle searches for the wolf shifter’s pack.
DarkThe shifters come looking for their missing packmate and Cameron, the chateau manager, falls headlong for Nadya, the female of the group. Nadya returns his feelings but they don’t see how they can ever be together. The two groups are virtually at war, and they are needed on their own islands.
This book is the third in this series and once again Lisa Carlisle has shown how so much can be put into so few pages. The characters from the previous book appear but the story revolves around Cameron and Nadya. Emotions, confusion, hot sexy scenes are all included and it was nice to have Nadya as the shifter rather than another male paranormal.
Another good book in this series. Could there possibly be more, maybe Kelly’s story? I hope so as she makes an appearance in the other books.

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