Monday, November 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Craving Justice' by Fiona Archer

I walked away from Craving Justice craving the next book with a mad hunger!
Sometimes you find a new author or series and their voice just clicks with you as reader. That was me with Fiona Archer when I read the books in her King’s Bluff, Wyoming series. While I’ve always enjoyed reading a good Dominant Alpha male type hero, her heroes seem to always go just about a half step more towards the dark side of Dominance/submission in the most delicious ways.
Seth Justice is exactly the kind of hero I expected from this talented story teller. He has the tall, dark and handsome in spades but it’s more. He isn’t the broody male hero, though he has a brother or two that make up for how refreshingly open Seth is, especially with Harper. And then Ms. Archer goes and gives him and his brothers a back story that owned me hands down.
Harper Fox is a gem. She’s the kind of heroine that I can cheer for because she’s not perfect but she’s not down on herself about her imperfections, either. She’s confident in who she is but not so arrogant that having someone like Seth pursue her isn’t completely flattering. She isn’t afraid to stand up to him but she also isn’t afraid to give over control to him. It’s a nice combination.  I couldn’t help but love her.
There’s a mystery presented pretty early on in this story that totally drew me in. Who had it in for the Justice brothers and why? Who had the technology and capability to find information that should have been classified and is there one target or are they out to take down the whole family? This being book one in the series left the door open for so many possibilities and had me glued to the pages to see where it would go. I’m glad I didn’t have money riding on predicting the ending. I would have lost it all.
This story has a very satisfying conclusion for Harper and Seth but there’s obviously more in store for the rest of family. After having met Adam, Zach, and Heath, (and possibly Lincoln) I have no doubt their HEA is going to just as hard won as Seth’s and just as exciting. It’s possible I met one, maybe two, future Mrs. Justice in this book. Harper has some pretty awesome and loyal friends. These guys don’t stand a chance!
Just as an aside, if I wasn’t already a total Fiona Archer fan girl, she throws in some pop-culture references that would have won me for sure. Who doesn’t love a good Angel marathon and then showing some Firefly love? I was putty in her hands.
This book is for readers who crave more than a sweet, simple romance. This one is for the readers who want to be on the edge of their seat and breathless from the moment Seth and Harper set eyes on each other. Seth is intense when it comes to pleasuring Harper and most certainly when it comes to protecting her. He’s not perfect but he’s perfect for her. As this is the first story in the Sons of Sydney series, now is the best time to join the fun by picking up a copy of Craving Justice.

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