Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book Review: 'Coyote’s Kiss' by Crissy Smith

Luca clearly enjoys getting to know the other shifters he now has the pleasure of working with, but working closely with one of the only humans who are part of the new founded group is proving to be even more delightful.
KISSLuca is a character I was already familiar with having just read the 3rd installment of this serious so I knew to expect his quick wit, but overall good guy vibe. He is one of the few shifters in the serious I just could not imagine pulling off dark and menacing very well. He loves his job, loves his partner and is clearly growing to love those around him. He one of those guys you just know is the life of the party and attracts women no matter the situation. Jade is no exception to this, but this time around Luca can actually see himself spending more than a few nights with her.
Jade is clearly a very passionate woman from the very beginning. She protects her partner even when she herself is the one who needs protecting. She fights for others who are wronged as if they were her on injustices, which is a quality you just have to love in any character. I can easily see her being the glue to any group she is in because her passion is very contagious. Its why everyone around her almost immediately accepts her when the other humans are a little standoffish. It’s also why Luca wants to find out if that passion is still there in the bedroom.
This story was once again what I came to expect from this author. I feel like I am always saying that, because she never disappoints. The storyline is one that captures me as the reader from the first chapter and does not let go. Not only the romantic interest but the other plots. Jades need to protect her partner and other shifters from being mistreated, the growing threat to the coalition and those associated with it and much more. While this story can certainly be read as a standalone, if you have read the previous stories the author always makes sure to include some of the previous characters you came to love. I would recommend every story in The Shifter Chronicles series, including this story of course.

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