Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Color of Danger' by Ruth J. Hartman

Patience, the youngest of the Sullyard sisters, is trying to convince her sisters she is now grown up. Her brothers-in-law’s younger relative is quite willing to help her show her sisters she is no longer a baby, but Patience believes Walter is a rake as he is always teasing her.
As talented as her sisters, Patience goes to a falconry to paint a panorama of the birds for their owner. Walter, considered a relative, is her escort. The closeness of several days alone together brings about more than friendship.
I have read the previous two books of this trilogy and found them captivating. This one was equally so, but I felt the title to be a little misleading. There was a little danger, but nothing like the intense scenes of the previous novels. The danger scene could have been a little longer and more intense as it was over far too quickly, and the explanation behind the reason for the situation fell a little flat. A few amusing incidents interspersed with edgy conversations and scenes held the story together and kept me reading.
A good book with bright characters who got me on their side as I wanted them to win their heart’s desire.

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