Sunday, November 12, 2017

Book Review: 'Clubwhore' by Kim Jones

This book begins an incredibly dark, sexy and actually interesting series from Kim Jones. Clubwhore is an unapologetic and smutty read that happens to be different from anything I’ve ever read. I’m a big Kim Jones fan, which is what made me open this one, but I soon realized what a true gem that I had just stumbled across. Who else has the audacity to dedicate their book to the whores of this world.
“Truth is, you’re smarter than most women. You get paid for sex, while the rest of us have been giving it away for years. So hats off to you, promiscuous women – you’ve figured it out.”
Delilah loved her life as a club whore for the Devil’s Renegades MC. So she told herself and anyone else who would listen. Yet knowing this author’s propensity for creating flawed and deeply troubled characters, I figured there was much more to Delilah. Don’t get me wrong now, she enjoyed what she did, but the whoring was simply another form of the punishment she craved.
Delilah was all kinds of messed up but she endeared herself to me. She was hardened by the life she led and the unique “therapy” that she needed to survive, but she was genuine, with a charming sense of humor. Bryce was a wonderful hero that I liked immediately. He was so good to Delilah and accepted all of her faults. They both had some troubling baggage that added to the storyline and made me want to delve into their dark secrets. It was so easy to get drawn into this story.
Delilah and Bryce were both such fascinating characters and the writing and depth of the story were absolutely amazing. The story was unique with loads of drama, sex and humor. It’s a dark romance with a lot of spanking and BDSM tones. It was intensely emotional at times. I’ve come to expect most of those aspects, along with a good cry or few, from a Kim Jones book. I would recommend this book for the readers who are into the dark romances and MC romance books.

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