Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Book Review: 'Charm Me' by Tena Stetler

They have a connection. Is it magic or just old fashion chemistry?
Summer is a yoga instructor who owns a local studio. Her past experiences led her to participate in a women’s self defense weapons class, where she meets the handsome former Navy Seal Devlin Sawyer.
Charm Me was smooth, with both of the characters getting to know each other more with an added family element that made this book a lot more homey for me. It showed how these two individuals, each with their own past and relationship issues, were able to get past all of it with the help from the other as they fall in love.
I have read a lot of paranormal and one thing that is different from other paranormal romances is that this one is a lot milder in the paranormal elements. For me that was a plus.
Another thing I counted as positive is that since this is a short story the author chose to keep the message simple. It has a single plot line rather than multiple interconnecting plots that might have made the story feel clumpy and confusing.
It was sweet and sexy with a lot of passionate sex. Perfect for readers who wants to read a paranormal romance but without being overwhelmed by the genre if it happens to be new to them.

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