Saturday, November 25, 2017

Book Review: 'Changing His Game' by Megan Erickson

One little slip and a fantasy becomes reality that becomes a love that neither thought they’d find. I think I stopped breathing a time or two while reading this one.
The setup had me laughing and cringing for Marley’s sake in the beginning. She’s such a cool character though, she takes it in stride and manages to snag a seriously intense relationship with Austin. These two are the epitome of opposite personalities attract but they have so much in common otherwise it simply works. And by works I mean, they crave what the other wants and has to offer. Truly two halves of whole. I loved watching them try so hard to focus on what seemed right when what they both knew they wanted was just a little bit wrong.
This book isn’t marketed as a BDSM type novel. It’s not in the sense of a club or protocol that goes along with that lifestyle but it has some very similar elements. Austin needs to be in charge, especially in the bedroom and Marley wants him to be. She’s in a high-stress position and wants the release of submission in the bedroom. Austin is very dark and broody but not in such a way that he simply comes off as arrogant. His back story and trust issues are meant to earn sympathy from the reader and it does that.
There’s mild spanking, blindfolding, and a little bit of role play. Marley gets off on Austin’s commanding nature as much as he does wielding the power to command her pleasure. He really likes to keep her on edge in semi-public places but he never embarrasses her. It was some very hot, HOT scenes.
This book is also full of some fun bromance between Austin and his best friend, Grant. It doesn’t go beyond picking at each other the way close guy friends do but it’s a lot of fun to watch. And a little hot. I’m looking forward to reading Grant’s story next. Also, Marley’s brother, Chad, adds a lot to this story. These siblings are close. They have some really great scenes together. Chad is open to whoever sparks his fancy and I was excited to see that his book is already out as well. That’s going to be a fun read, too. One other character I met that stirred my interest is Ethan. He has a really tragic backstory and I’m curious if Ms. Erickson plans to give him a HEA after all he’s been through. I hope to see more of him in Grant’s book.
Ms. Erickson has firmly earned a spot on my author watch list. Changing His Game was a really nice read and a good beginning to the series. An easy recommend.

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