Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Catching Cara' by Amy J. Hawthorn

This is an action packed romance.
The characters, especially Cara, is not one that I see everyday. Cara is not a damsel in distress just waiting for someone to come and save her. She is an independent woman who has served in war beside her friends–friends who have become a family over time. Though she is self-sufficient, she knows when to ask for help because she knows her friends have her back. When Cara becomes a target, I saw how these group of friends came together to protect her, and in turn unveiled a dangerous liability that could get all of them and a little girl killed.
There are multiple plots and the author has made sure that readers won’t get bored or get lost trying to keep track of what is happening. Joe and Cara’s first meeting was probably seeing her at her worst. In time they got to know each other well.
I would recommend to all readers to start from the first book to fully understand Catching Cara as there is one minor plot that started with the first book, which is still continuing. Though if readers want to read this one as a stand alone, they absolutely can.

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