Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Calling the Reaper' by Jason Pere

This book is comprised of several short stories from various time periods and several locations—but they all have one common denominator. At the end, one of the party will die and the Reaper will come for him/her.
The individual stories are all very well told. As with any collection, there were some I preferred above others, but there were none I didn’t like. Because of the nature of the stories, you didn’t really get deeply into any one characters mind—instead you are treated to an overview of what’s going on as Mr. Pere tells his stories.
This is a book that would particularly work well as a SyFy television series… with each story serving as an episode and culminating with the Epilogue which works to tie everything together for the coming up season. It ends in a way that lets you know there definitely is a next season coming up!
It will be interesting to see where Mr. Pere takes this tale. I’m intrigued and will definitely be reading the next one. Good job, sir—you have a new fan.

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