Thursday, November 16, 2017

Book Review: 'Broken Survivor' by Jennifer Labelle

This book is an awesome adventure of suspense and as the title states its truly a twist of betrayal. Justine Franklin a Public Defender has been seemingly happily married to police officer Dan Franklin for six years. The majority of the time any bad deed done in our past will surely catch up with us. Dan is a man that can vouch for this. The book opens with the couple having a heated disagreement prompting Justine to leave the house in anger. Her decision to go to the grocery store is timed with the grocery store robbery. Unfortunately Justine is kidnapped. Will Dan be able to save his wife and still keep his unlawful past a secret?
From the very beginning this book had my attention. To discover early on that the kidnappers know Justine personally only made my suspense greater. The timely flash backs give a back story of Justine and Dan’s past and also adds dimension to the storyline. The author timed the flashbacks at the appropriate time and gave enough suspense to keep me entertained and still had my interest on how the story would unfold. True enough I had a feeling that Justine would be saved, but boy were there many twists that the author complied to make this a book that I enjoyed and would recommend to any reader that is looking for a good suspenseful read.
I enjoyed the writing style. How the novel flowed was perfect. The plot was told with true talent. This is a book that you can’t judge by the cover. The blurb is interesting enough but the cover lead me to think the context would be something totally different.
The bad guys were truly bad. They devised a plan and I guess with all bad intentions they thought they would actually get away with it. Dan is a man of determination. He is a strong officer with attractive features. A man that is adamant on upholding the law and has a deep concern about public safety. He was a favorable character to read about. He is a man with faults but inspire to do right. Justine is a professional woman and as with any relationship she balances work and marriage as best she can. With the turn of events of an unexpected pregnancy and the kidnapping Dan and Justine’s marriage is put to the test. This is a well written, well thought out story a reader of suspense and action wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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