Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: 'Bound by One Scandalous Night' by Diane Gaston

Temptation. The results of giving into temptation can be disastrous, especially in Regency England.
BOUNDEdmund Summerfield rescues a young lady from the hands of a ruffian on the streets of Brussels only to find she is his sister Tess’ sister-in-law. Amelie Glenville has been abandoned by her fiancĂ© when she offers to comfort him before he goes off to fight Napoleon. Edmund escorts her back to the hotel where both of them willingly submit to the temptation of each other’s bodies.
They both assume the one night of passion was the one and only time they would be together, but fate has other plans for them. They must fight through the troubles of angry families, a move to the country and the doubts and insecurities they have for each other.
This Regency novel is quite refreshing. Amelie has quite modern ideas, although she tries to follow the restrictions of the period. Edmund hides his love, aware Amelie cannot possibly marry a man like him, born out of wedlock.
The story skillfully brings visions of the past into the present, side stories supporting the main plot, but still strong stories in themselves. A well turned book with strong characters and supporting characters who behave in censorious way I assume aristocracy would have in the Regency era. A very entertaining novel.

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