Friday, November 10, 2017

Book Review: 'Blazing Hot Cowboy' by Kim Redford

Blazing Hot Cowboy is not a rip-roaring action story. It’s an emotional, introspective story played out in a unique community with realistic characters much like people one might find in a ranching community that holds on to old traditions and values. It has vivid descriptions of the story’s setting.
A big high-five to Kim Redford for creating a captivating love story with family and community stories entwined; and she does it without using crude or vulgar words. She skillfully reveals the hopes, fears and needs hidden deep in the hearts of the main characters. Four-year-old Hannah and seventy-year-old Hedy bring both humor and tears to the story.
A diverse cast of secondary characters help propel the story along with conflicts and fun mixed in.
Thirteen years ago, Kent and Lauren, little more than children and so in love, were separated when her family moved from Wildcat Bluff in north Texas to Connecticut. Lauren, now a physical therapist, returns to Wildcat Bluff, hoping the community that nurtured her in her childhood will help her little daughter heal from the sudden loss of her father.
When Lauren sees Kent the sparks fly. They don’t start over but seem to just pick up where they left off thirteen years earlier. They both have a past to deal with, but in spite of issues, an amazingly sweet love unfolds in a unique place in Texas with lots of history, but also a place that looks toward the future with determined people who help each other.

Blazing Hot Cowboy
 is a gentle, beautiful coming-home love story.

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