Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Book Review: 'Beauty and the Boss' by Diane Alberts

Color me floored when the hero is told to ‘make himself at home’ and he tidies up the heroine’s couch pillows and her shoes, not because he had OCD, but because he felt it was the right thing to do for someone he respected. I don’t know about you but I thought that was really sweet and yet the hero, Benjamin, is far from being sweet, or humorous or even emotional. His cold personality is why he’s called the ‘Beast’, and why he’s an excellent tormented hero. I enjoyed discovering his emotional layers.
Maggie is the perfect foil. She’s everything Benjamin is not. She’s down to earth, doesn’t put on airs, truly cares about people and her emotions are there for anyone to read. She defended Benjamin and took his side when no one had ever done so before. It left Benjamin reeling – is she for real? His finding out is what romance stories are all about. I enjoyed watching his reaction to her and how his feelings change over time.
The hero’s nemesis is completely unreasonable and vicious. Definitely the villain was 100% unlikable. It doesn’t matter to me what the ultimate reason was for such harsh treatment, the author created a despicable character that I loathed and I in no way can condone their actions.
I appreciated the sensual buildup of the physical side of their relationship until the point of ‘the knee’. It was quite hot but kind of amusing too, especially the dialogue that came later. I really liked how the author placed those love scenes, how they were written and what she chose to show me. It was very fun reading.
Beauty and the Boss has an emotional richness and a vibrant romance that’s sure to please. The main characters are engaging and fun to watch as they fall in love. I enjoyed Maggie’s family’s cameo appearance and the sweet and happy scene that stemmed from it. There’s so much to like and enjoy, I am happy recommending Beauty and the Boss to fellow romance readers. It’s a treat.

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