Saturday, November 25, 2017

Book Review: 'The Bad Boy’s Guilt' by Sara Daniel

Memories of the past plague businesswoman Nicole DeMonde when she returns to Regret Hollow for her brother’s wedding. On her way to her accommodation she decides to drive past the house of the drunken ex con who is her father. Her rental car then expires almost outside the house.
Nicole’s intention to walk is thwarted by the arrival of Wyatt Truman, the man who’d been her colossal high school mistake. Thrown together by the wedding of their siblings, the two try to overcome the past so they can move on into the future.
I found the heroine of this story to be a provocative comical person. She intended to make Wyatt pay for the mistakes of the past, but also intended to have some fun at the same time. Wyatt on the other hand comes across as a gorgeous man but with feelings of regret. All the characters interact with each other in a way that made me feel I was there with them and had become part of their lives.
The book is lighthearted, but with a few dark passages when referring to the past. For instance Nicole’s father and Wyatt both want to make amends but Nicole resists, reluctant to put herself in a position to be hurt again. The story flows nicely and is easy to follow. A good read for a cozy afternoon by the fireside.

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