Sunday, November 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Assassins Love People Too' by S.C. Wynne

Dillon and Marc haven’t been together long, but Dillon certainly feels as if he’s learned a lot in the short time. Like Assassins aren’t just things that occur in the movies and a few short sentences can utterly turn his world upside down. When Marc calls and says Dillon is in danger, Dillon drops everything to run. Meeting Marc in Paris, Dillon discovers nowhere is safe while Julio is determined to kill them both. Can they find safety somewhere? And can Dillon convince Marc to trust him with his heart?
Disengage your brain, grab some cookies and a good drink and relax into this fun and action packed assassin story. I found this lovely story to be part James Bond, part Jason Bourne and part comedy. A few months ago Dillon was just your regular guy. Now he’s running away from deceptively normal looking people who are secretly assassins and trying to kill him and Marc – Dillon’s assassin lover. I realised in the first chapter this was one of those wonderful books where you need to throw logic out the window and leave your brain behind at the door – if my assassin-lover told me to drop everything and run and trust no one, I’d have not then gone and made friends with the little old lady sitting next to me on the train! But just like I don’t want a James Bond film for the intricate plot or deep intelligence, neither would I have found this book half as wonderful had it not been so lighthearted, fun and fast paced.
Despite the fact I realised a little too late this is the second book in a series, the author does an amazing job of catching the reader up on what’s been missed. Dillon and Marc might get together in the first book – but here in the second they’re really exploring their new relationship, bumps and all. Marc – being an assassin – has a few gaps when it comes to Relationships 101, and Dillon sometimes struggles to both understand what Marc means when he says, but also what he leaves unsaid. Marc is a clear “actions speak louder than words” guy, but that doesn’t mean Dillion doesn’t need to hear the words as well. It’s an interesting – and very common – relationship problem and was lovely and realistic to read.
Watching these two men come together, learn about each other and grow together is lovely. I also really enjoyed the plot of how to save themselves from Julio unwound. I felt the pace of the book moved well and I really enjoyed the balance between plot and steamy romance.
A sexy romp of a story, I really enjoyed this book. I’d happily look up any future books and definitely recommend it.

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