Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Asleep in Scottsdale' by Vijaya Schartz

Kyle swore to never trust a woman again when his fiancĂ© jilted him at the altar, in front of his friends, family and hundreds of paparazzi. His heart broken, his faith shattered, Kyle didn’t think he would ever emotionally recover. Two years later Talia crashes into him and Kyle finally finds himself willing to try again.
scottsdaleThis is a well paced, traditional romance novel. I really enjoyed that neither Kyle nor Talia jumped into anything the moment they laid eyes on each other. I loved how the author infused the modern story with the feel of old-fashioned romance. Kyle might have been emotionally devastated, but he wasn’t bitter or too cynical. I found his past hurt an excellent reason for Kyle and Talia to go slow – to get to know each other and really connect emotionally and showcase the romance blossoming between them. I found this refreshing and lovely to read.
I also enjoyed how Talia wasn’t some weak, whimpering female wanting (or needing) a big strong man to rescue her. I liked Talia’s character and found her a good balance between willing to let Kyle help her and open herself to him, but still more than determined to keep the rest of her life independent and on her own terms. I felt the author did a great job balancing the two in Talia and enjoyed her character greatly. I thought the plotline was interesting (though a little predictable) and it certainly helped round out the story.
A sweet, enjoyable romance novel that I can recommend for all readers.

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