Friday, November 10, 2017

Book Review: 'The Angel' by Emma Holly

The djinni world that Ms. Holly has created is always full of surprises and this latest novel, The Angel is no different. The concept of rearranging time isn’t new but what the author did and why contributed to the drama and made this novel worth investigating.
Georgie is the heroine but she’s not typical. What intrigued me was her innate goodness that somehow survived the impossible. I enjoyed how Ms. Holly explored the nurture vs. nature premise. What she came up with initially had me worried but it all worked out, eventually. I actually liked her ‘nurture’ persona more than her initial one. The second one seemed to have more personality and chutzpah, a more lively character. Despite all the influences her guardian threw her way, Georgie had certain elements that were inviolate, though not for lack of trying on Luna’s part.
As for the hero, Iksander, well, I liked him in the beginning and I knew about him from the previous two books but he wasn’t on stage, so to speak, for long. No, the little ball of light named Connor took center stage with Georgie and I liked his character. He was so sweet and earnest yet wise beyond what I expected. He was a refreshing secondary hero and I liked him. As far as I’m concerned, there are two heroes that eventually care a great deal about Georgie and I’m happy with that.
For erotic romance readers, there are many interludes of seduction and delight to behold. The ones described with Georgie were wonderful and well done. The ones described with Luna were used to paint a very clear picture of the wonder that is Georgie amidst the self-serving hedonist that is Luna. Some of the secondary characters that have to deal with Luna aren’t so lucky and I felt bad for a couple of them.
For readers who have a certain deity belief, I want to give a heads up that Ms. Holly borrowed some of the theological elements and manipulated them into this fantasy. As much as I liked Connor, I had a bit of trouble being comfortable with his ‘sexy’ side. It’s not that it isn’t well done, it is. It’s just that those who have a bit of knowledge know that such a thing would not really be possible. The things he did wouldn’t be ‘okay’ if you know what I mean. Once he became more Connor and less ‘other’, it was easier to accept his human side. Yet through it all, he was special, different, and I felt his character contributed a significant amount of heart to the novel.
The paradox that Ms. Holly created demanded a tight hold on all the plot threads and the author did a bang-up job in writing the scenes so they made sense and came together at the right point. I liked the dialogue, many of the secondary characters and the plot conflict. I also appreciated how Georgie resisted perfect vengeance, but she did choose an action and I thought it apropos. Ultimately, the story has an HFN (happy for now) ending. Georgie is happy, Connor is happy and Iksander is hopeful.
The Angel has all the best elements that Ms. Holly is known for. It’s seductive, sexy and hard to put down. The plot has depth, substance and intrigue. I don’t think a new reader will be terribly lost if they read The Angel before the other two books. This one focuses directly on Georgie, what happens to her, and who she falls for. For a certainty, this book is entertaining, is worth checking out and absolutely hooked me into wanting to read the next novel. I simply have to know what’s going to happen next. Knowing Ms. Holly’s writing, it’s sure to be another winner.

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