Sunday, November 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Amish Baby Snatched' by Diane Craver

Beth and Chloe’s pregnancies draw them into a friendship despite Beth being Amish and Chloe being Christian. Both are respectful of the other’s religion and they find help and support from one another.
Beth is happily married with a strong family support. Chloe is an unwed teenager abandoned by her boyfriend and with a family too busy to care. Uncertainty, tragedy, love – all of these emotions take a place in this story, sometimes from unexpected avenues.
The romance is well written with a different twist on love and family. It shows different aspects of Amish and Christian life and how the two can mix. It not only shows the existing love of characters from previous books in this series, but new love blossoming. Despite being part of a series, this book stands alone and is the type I like to curl up in front of the fire with on a cold winters day.
I enjoyed reading Amish Baby Snatched and found it written in the style of romance books of a few decades ago, although the content is totally present day. At the end of the book I felt satisfied with the story and the conclusion.

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