Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: 'Along Came a Rogue' by Anna Harrington

This is a great standalone read with plenty of interesting characters, thwarted lovers and a mysterious stalker threatening the romance and the future of a baby. There’s a lot of scintillating dialogue and compromising positions to keep the pages flipping. There is tormented angst too. Along Came a Rogue is the second book based on the friendship of three men forged in war and now they must find their way in polite society. They are exceptional men, and the women who love them are just as fascinating.
2_23 Harrington_Along Came a Rogue_MMThe book begins in a naughty manner and depicts the hero as a shallow, callous rake whose only concern is himself. That initial perception is tossed out the window once a reader gets to meet and join Nathaniel Grey on his journey to love, and the truth. However, his way with women benefits the object of his adoring obsession, Emily. Some of those scenes were delightfully wicked.
Emily has loved Grey even as a young girl but it was thought to be that of an innocent miss and was written off as an infatuation. A reader finds proof that it was so much more and yet there are so many obstacles in her path on realizing her love for Grey as the woman she has become that it’s a bit daunting. Emily has some nasty surprises visited upon her during the course of the novel but she never comes across as a weak victim. I liked her strength, her daring and her love for her brother, Thomas. She does tend to play into the martyr syndrome a bit too much for my liking but I was happy the way the author eventually handled it.
As far as the villainous aspect in the story, the author threw out some cryptic comments, a look or two at the right time and added in the puzzled interpretation by the heroine and that’s all it took for me to figure out who were the bad elements in the tale. I felt bad at one point when it was revealed as to the reason for a couple of the actions but once I realized just how damaging they could have been, all bets were off. Justice was correctly served – with relish.
Along Came a Rogue is exactly what historical romance fans look for. A lady who has to stand tall at a time when women where restricted by decorum and in doing so, grew in personal conviction, bravery and fortitude; a man who respected the woman Emily grew up to be and was willing to stand by her even when she sent him away; and a wonderful physical and emotional chemistry between the two that eventually leads to a happy ever after that satisfies on every level. Now the only man of the initial trio left unattached is Thomas. Since introduced to Edward, Grey and Thomas in the first book, Dukes are Forever, I have been hooked. And Along Came a Rogue has only whetted my appetite for more. It’s a fun and romantic series so far and I can’t wait for what comes next.

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