Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Review: 'White Cat Black Cat' by Sigal Adler

The beautiful Israeli children's books author, Sigal Adler, just keeps adding to her now rather impressive number of books for children. Each of her books was written in Hebrew and as they became best sellers in Israel she decided to have them translated into English to benefit an even broader range of children. Now it seems she is writing in English as no translator is mentioned! The stories are not only entertaining but they also carry some subtle messages to those children fortunate enough to read them - or have them read to them. This book is enhanced by illustrator/artists Lintang Pandu Pratiwi and Rino Adi –fine new guests in Sigal’s cadre of artists.

Sigal’s rhyming pattern is always eloquent as the opening page attests – ‘On a lovely fine day, with sun filling the sky, Two neighbor cats met in a garden nearby. In lovely warm weather, well past winter’s gloom, Soaking up spring with its flowers in bloom.’ At first the white cat and the black cat meet, pointing out which of the pair is better looking, cleaner, and in general- disagreeing and quarreling. The animosity lasted several days with avoidance and ignoring each other. Each cat (individually, of course) ponders the color of the other – and each finds a way to alter their natural color to be the opposite of their birth tones. Discontent with their decisions to change colors they bathe and return to their original form – and in doing so together they appreciate the differences and become good friends.

A charming, entertaining story with a fine lesson about differences and friendship that children will love - and incorporate into their view of the world. Grady Harp, March 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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