Sunday, October 1, 2017

Book Review: 'The True Language Of Love' by Sean Azimov

Author Sean Azimov is the creator and a founding father of Quantum Behavioral Induction Therapy. He is also one of the leading experts on human behavior analysis, emotions, body language and non-verbal communications. He is passionate about helping people while doing his part in making this world a better place.

Self Help books are popular because people seek to improve their current status in life. Sean’s book is a readily accessible blend of psychology and spirituality and his manner of aiding the reader in exploring the secrets that have been elusive to date is reassuring and can well produce change. He has stated, ‘"Success, happiness, pain and suffering have a process, a structure and an order—these three factors can always be broken down. And by understanding the above, we can change our lives with little effort indeed. Because we already know that things don't just happen for no reason: everything has a direct or indirect cause that creates our experience as we know it. Yet for as long as these processes and structures are outside of our conscious awareness...they will always be outside of our reach and control!"

Sean presents THE TRUE LANGUAGE OF LOVE as Book 1 so we can expect further elucidation of his approach to love and happiness and a richer life. In the Preface to this first installment he states, ‘All of us have envisioned how our lives should be or how much better our lives would be if we had those perfect circumstances, conditions, people, and resources, whether those resources are internal or external. But how many of us actually do realize and get to live our dreams—to live a fulfilling life by our own standards and definitions?... We know that all of life is about relationships in one form or another—how we relate to circumstances, events, and people. And we have the ability to positively influence everything and everyone around us in the process, including our own selves. This is because everything that takes place in our lives is ultimately a form of influence, isn’t it? Every thought, intent, feeling, and state of mind generates behaviors and impulses that we act or don’t act upon, cocreating experiences—experiences that further influence us and those around us. As a matter of fact, we influence ourselves all the time, and we are amazingly good at it. Yet there are positive and negative forms of influence, aren’t there? And we can begin to better understand more and more of the fact that there is always a “structure” and a “process” to everything that takes place—which is why, before we can truly understand success and happiness, we must understand its opposite, because the process by which both success and happiness are created is always the same. Yet for as long as these processes and structures are outside of our understanding and awareness, they will always be outside of our control and reach.’

And that is the arm around the shoulder approach Sean assumes as our guide through his own discoveries in life, sharing these with us, outlining the processes, offering paths of change that to learn to live a fulfilling life. Throughout the book Sean offers supportive counsel – ‘The very fabric of our reality exists only within our perception; by changing our perception, we change our reality. The only real experience we attain in the end is the attainment of feelings. Because everything else is nothing but a beautiful and ephemeral illusion.’ He makes a difference: the rest is up to the reader. Grady Harp, September 17

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