Monday, October 9, 2017

Book Review: 'Trick' by Lane Hart

North Carolina author Lane Hart is a prolific erotica writer with a dozen steamy stories that have a committed following. Lane draws form her background - a Masters in Criminal Justice and having spent ten years working as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney – to keep her stories gritty. Her range of topics is extensive – from paranormal to her favored martial arts and football players to cops to vampires – and in this book she manages to focus on sports. She is married to fellow author D.B. West.

Lane has a talent for character development, not a trait we often see in erotica writer. The opening chapter gives us a strong impression of her main characters. More than her other installments in this Cocky Cage Fighter Series, TRICK focuses on Staff Sergeant Patrick Foxx (nicknamed Trick) and his friend Austin, the explosive ordinance genius, during 2014 in Afghanistan and from that dialogue we learn the direction the story will lead and why. To excerpt a paragraph form TRICK offers readers now to Lane’s writing a fine taste of the chosen topic – ‘Maybe fighting in a cage like a rabid animal is all there is for me now, at least until my temper cools down. It’s been so long since I was institutionalized into the Marines that I can’t really remember if I’ve always been an overconfident hothead or if they made me that way.’

Or as the very brief synopsis states, ‘The fairy tales have it all wrong. Cinderella didn’t fall in love with the prince. He was nothing more to her than an easy escape from her bad life. How do I know? Because in this twisted Cinderella story I’m her long-lost stepbrother. Mina is about to marry the wrong man. He’s no prince charming, and Mina sure as hell doesn’t love him, so I have no idea why she wants to spend her life with him. Time’s running out for me to save my stubborn Cinderella by stopping her wedding. Nothing, not even war, prepared me for this agonizing battle to win Mina’s heart. Good thing I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve and I don’t mind fighting dirty.’

Lane includes some of the characters from the other books in this series and that offers credibility to the motivations of how this story will play out. She continues to paint visible credible characters for her series and the variations in stories are yet another reason to keep following her writing! Grady Harp, January 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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