Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Book Review: 'The Thief’s Daughter' by Victoria Cornwall

Jenna, born in to a family of thieves, has different morals than the rest of her family. The time comes when Jenna and her brother Silas are the only ones left as the thief takers have dealt with the rest.
Jack is a thief taker, but one who is determined to take down the whole operation of smuggler rather than individual people.
Jenna becomes Jack’s housekeeper and is soon embroiled in the smuggling game.
The conflict and romance between Jack and Jenna was very well handled with the emotions of both being strong and evident. Jenna is a strong young lady who fights against her smuggler brother’s wishes, especially after she discovered he’s lied to her. Jack is wary of Jenna because of her family background.
Several times I wondered if they could possibly make a go of things, as their inner suspicions pulled them apart and then threw them together. This made for an intriguing story.
I enjoyed this book but found it rather long. I began to wonder when it was going to end. However perseverance was worth it when I got to the end and felt satisfied by the resolution.

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