Saturday, October 28, 2017

Book Review: 'Taming the Cyborg' by Anne Kane

Anne Kane captured my attention with this sexy Sci-Fi/Fantasy story.
Taming the Cyborg was a fast paced book that had me completely immersed in the plot that flowed smoothly from beginning to end. It was exciting and romantic with characters that I adored. Noah was a Cyborg who fell boots over heart in love with a sassy red haired human fighter pilot. Hailey was a spitfire who knew exactly what she wanted. I loved her strength and independent spirit. There was a romantic vibe when Noah immediately rushed off to save his little warrior woman. Of course, they had a few bumps to make it over but by the end of the story the author had me craving my very own bossy Cyborg to sweep me off of me feet.
I really enjoyed this short story and absolutely recommend it to anyone.

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