Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Book Review: 'The Surgeon’s Cinderella' by Susan Carlisle and 'Saved by Doctor Dreamy' by Dianne Drake

Doctor McDreamy has nothing on these doctors!
I’m a sucker for medical romances. There’s something fabulous about a guy (or girl) who knows how to use their hands and can save lives. These two novels don’t disappoint.
I’m a huge fan of Susan Carlisle. She writes hot docs like no other. They’re approachable, while being sexy and down to earth. I liked Whitney, too. She’s very relatable. She was a heavier girl in college and not as visible to guys like Tanner. Now that’s she’s not as big, she’s still super self-conscious about it. Hey, who can’t relate to that? We’ve all got insecurities and want to be loved…but will that hottie we’re ogling over feel the love too? Ms Carlisle had me hooked from the beginning, wanting to know what would happen to Tanner and Whitney and if they’d get their HEA. Totally absorbing read.
Then there’s the novel by Dianne Drake. He’s fiesty and running from his past. She’s fiesty and independent. Put these two together and there will be fireworks. I loved it. I couldn’t race through Damien and Juliette’s story fast enough. I had to see where it would go. The chemistry, just like in Ms Carlisle’s book was off the charts. I wanted to see these two succeed and get together. I rooted for them all the way!!
If you want a satisfying read that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and warm the night a little more, then try these two books by Susan Carlisle and Dianne Drake.

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