Friday, October 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Summer with the Soldier' by Amy Lamont

New York author Amy Lamont, in her words, writes ‘steamy contemporary and paranormal romance filled with quirky heroines, alpha heroes, world-weary billionaires or rugged bear shifters, she loves nothing more than delivering stories with just as much heart as heat.’ She has published nine novels (and two boxed sets) to date.

Amy kicks off this fourth installment in her series of ‘Holiday Encounters’ with a gathering of the lead female characters from her previous three books - Emma, Paige, and Katelyn – in a toast to summer time – a tradition among the four friends – ‘Summer. Everything about it made me happy— sunshine and the scent of suntan lotion, lazy days and sand between my toes. “Jade, get down here. We have to do our toast before everyone gets here!” My eyes flew open and a laugh bubbled up inside me. Paige, Emma, and Katelyn stood on the beach below, all three of them in bikinis and sarongs, holding shot glasses filled with amber liquid, a bottle of tequila stuck in the sand at their feet. With a giggle I kicked off my flip-flops and ran down to the edge of the ocean to meet them, maneuvering around tables, waiters, and DJ equipment. Paige held a glass out to me and I snatched it up. “What should we toast to?” I asked. “It has to be something good. Who knows if we’ll get to do this again next year.” I fought off a wave of sadness. Since we were fifteen years old and stole a bottle of vodka from my parents’ well-stocked liquor cabinet, we’d been ringing in our summers with a toast on the beach. Through high school and college, the tradition held. But now, a year after graduation, everyone had new jobs, new boyfriends, new lives. Who knew if we’d make it back to kick off the summer at my parents’ beach house next year? “Sacrilege!” Emma said. “There’s no way we’re missing this. We’ll be coming here when we’re old and gray.” I slid my gaze over my friends, the three women who’d been there for me every time I needed them, and warmth unfurled in my chest. I hoped with all my heart Emma’s words were true. I shook off the serious thoughts. “Sounds like a plan. Count me in. I’ll be the old broad with the young stud pushing my wheelchair over the sand.”

And so Amy takes us through another hot and steamy romance, this time with Jade as the lead. Her synopsis beckons us to read on – ‘Party girl Jade Roberts loves seeing her friends having fun. That’s the reason she challenged them to the bet that set them all off on wild adventures and helped them find true love. Seeing her friends so happy, Jade starts to think she might be missing something. But when she catches sight of the sexy guy stepping out on the beach at her summer kick off party, she begins to hope she’s found her own happily ever after. When it turns out that guy is Logan Murphy, a soldier home for R&R, not to mention her best friend’s older brother, she second-guesses her feelings. Right up to the moment when the friendship she and Logan always shared explodes into something she never expected. Will their night together be her dirty little secret or the beginning of a lifetime of love?'

Lots of fast fun flavored with a generous helping of erotica. Get to know these gals one by one – they are worth your comfortable escapism read. Grady Harp, February 17

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