Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Review: 'Straight Up' by J.S. Finley

J.S. Finley appears to be a first time author – we have no biographical information nor do we know whether the author is male or female. What we do know after reading this little novel is there is talent aboard, someone who has a keen observation or perception about the military situation and same sex relationships. The rests we’ll find out later.

Finley understands the fragility of relationships when one of the potential partners has not come to terms with his sexuality _ That fact is obvious in the opening paragraph – ‘Loud music blasted from the speakers, and bodies moved with the music, swaying and rocking together as heat built on the dance floor. The room was dark with only muted colored lights shining through the thick air. Someone bumped into Brent Maxwell, and he turned, coming face to face with his buddy, Jake Wilson. The smile he got was sloppy and full of lust, heating Brent. Deep down, Brent knew the lust wasn’t directed at him. Much to his disappointment, there wasn’t anything between him and Jake, and there never would be. Jake was as straight as they came, and the man would never cross over to his side. Not that Jake knew he had a side. Brent had kept his desires hidden out of necessity since the military would end his career if they got word he liked guys.’ Now advance that encounter with a gradual build up of both tension and lust and the story of STRAIGHT UP unfolds.

The synopsis provided in the book is strong – ‘Sometimes you need the truth Straight Up. Jake: Brent is HOT but hot doesn’t matter when you can’t have what you want. After the Marines, they went their separate ways, but he can’t forget…never forget and never leave a man behind, but that’s what he did when he ran from Brent. Maybe it wasn’t the best reaction, but he couldn’t face the truth. Now he has a second chance and he doesn’t want to blow it, instead, he wants to blow Brent. Brent: Maybe there’s something between he and Jake, but Brent can’t ask, and Jake won’t tell because in the Marines being gay is bad for business. Time heals all wounds, and that’s what Brent is gambling on when they meet in the hills of Tennessee. Brent is hoping for friendship…but if there is more, he’ll take it. When Brent meets his straight friend again in Tennessee will they remain friends or will they become more?’ There is a lot of erotica and a HEA ending so just enjoy the story.

It seems like our anonymous author needs to step forward and tell us some about the way the life of this writer has been and is planned. Seems to be headed for a solid career. Grady Harp, March 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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