Friday, October 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Space Is A Big Place' by Brandon Cullum

Handsome young Brandon Cullum writes children’s books and if his debut offerings set the standard for his series, he is headed for success. Apparently as a youngster his dream was to become an astronaut – a key to discovering fantastic adventures. Now that he is writing he invites us along on his fantasies. Brandon is also the excellent artist illustrator for his own books.

For his first books be entertained us with Alphabet Fruit and then his dinosaurs –in 2 volumes - Vinny the Soccer Playing Dinosaur and Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur. Now Brandon returns to those early dreams of becoming an astronaut and presents us with his best book to date –SPACE IS A REALLY BIG PLACE .

In this new book Brandon combines this artistic gifts in illustration with a keen observation of photography and the result is a splendid montage of photographs enhanced illustrations (the photographs are actually from the Hubble Space Telescope). The main character is Cosmo the astronaut who decides to step outside his spaceship and explore the galaxy. The added attraction to this very entertaining story is Brandon’s inclusion of factual data about planets and stars and all things space-like so that not only do youngsters get to enjoy the adventures of Cosmo the astronaut and Banjo the Basset Hound, but they also learn a lot about outer space and astronomy.

Brandon has a style that is unique – fine rhymes, fun and funny situations, interesting learning session about space topics, and lessons of meaning for children. He also happens to be a very fine illustrator! Grady Harp, February 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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