Saturday, October 14, 2017

Book Review: 'Single for the Sheikh' by Annabelle Winters

Minnesota author Annabelle Winters has a graduate degree in creative writing from Columbia University in New York City, but she has lived in New York, Texas, Wisconsin, and California in addition to her present home in Minnesota. She writes contemporary romance as well as literary fiction and erotica under pseudonyms. Romance novels are her first and truest love, though, and her books feature sheikhs and royals, billionaires and bad boys, outlaws and mobsters . . . and real women with real curves.

The subtitle ‘The Soccer Mom From St. Louis’ is a well chosen one, not only because it shares an integral part of the plot but also that it shows the good-natured aspect of Annabelle’s writing style – real, in the present, possible but also a little link with fantasy. For example, the grounded aspect of our main character is touched on by the opening sequence regarding her tin daughters – ‘Permission slips for an optional trip to see a soccer match probably wasn’t high on her to-do list! Though perhaps it should have been a priority, given what a big deal it was for the girls to go to a European exhibition soccer game at the old St. Louis Rams football stadium—and watch it from the owner’s box to boot! Yes, it should have been a priority to get those permission slips signed.’

The unique story is well summarized by the author- ‘Single mother Diane Delacort has her hands full raising twin girls on her own, and the LAST thing she has time for is dating. But when her daughters’ soccer team gets invited to attend an exhibition match, Diane can’t help notice the brash but strikingly handsome owner of the visiting European soccer club. Sheikh Nasser, freshly single himself, cannot keep his eyes off the full-figured, curvy soccer mom . . . and after one look he knows that he won’t be able to keep his hands off her either. But when Diane not only refuses the Sheikh but also insults him in public, Nasser decides that this single mommy needs to be disciplined . . . in private! Now one way or the other, his hands ARE going to get on those curves . . .’

Good story and a hefty dose of erotica make this a winner for lovers of erotic romance novels – with a twist. Grady Harp, November 16
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