Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Seed Me' by Konn Lavery

Canadian author Konn Lavery is young and at this stage in his formidable career he is concentrating on writing horror and dark fantasy stories and novels. His series – MENTAL DAMNATION (a brain disease that causes horrific hallucinations, paranoia and schizophrenia) – has gained recognition and the second installment in that series reached the Edmonton Journal’s top five selling fictional books list. Konn’s day job is running his own graphic design and website development business under the title Reveal Design, and he melds these skills into the ‘transmedia’ hallmark of his written publications. And as a unique aspect of this novel Konn addresses the reader: ‘I often throw in my thoughts and philosophies in the novels I write, keeping it disguised as fiction. Often stories are the best absorption of knowledge and wisdom. So read into this book as much or as little as you’d like.’

Konn’s writing style is a richly colorful as his storyline. To wit, ‘Eventually I spotted Skip at the tail end of the huddled people. He was easily noticeable as the only guy who had a mohawk; with no gel, it simply appeared as strands of long black hair parted to one side with a shaved undercut. Plus, Skip also wore a hoodie vest with a tank top. He was a little more punk rock than the rest of the crowd that night. I strolled over to him. He was chatting up a girl who could pass for a high school student. Thinking optimistically, though, I hoped she was just a freshman university hooligan out to party, not someone underage. Skip was probably nearing eight years on some of these girls, but like me, he was single. Unlike me, though, he was easily lured in by girls wearing skimpy outfits and fluttering their eyelashes.’

Konn’s main character is Logan who narrates this memoir like tale, reduced in the synopsis as follows: ‘WARNING: DO NOT CONSUME.
If you’re reading this, then you did not take the above warning seriously. In that case, you’re probably as stupid as me. I’m Logan, by the way. I didn’t pay attention to any warning signs either. Being an unemployed deadbeat in Edmonton with no family and getting dumped by your girlfriend for her best friend can wear a guy down. All I had was my cokehead buddy, Skip, to cheer me up. Surprisingly, my precautionary tale was not caused by either Skip or the drugs. Let’s just say a drunken make-out session with a pale girl by a dumpster, who was supposedly pronounced dead earlier in the evening, can leave you mentally jumbled up. A good motivator to figure this scenario out is having robed cultists stalk you, asking where the girl is. Is this an ill twist of fate? Did I bring this on myself? Is there a reason behind my misfortune? Is the moral to not make out with spooky girls behind dumpsters? Hell if I know...’

Strange – very strange - and very engrossing, especially for those readers who dote on sci-fi and fantasy. Konn Lavery has it down - a fast and fascinating read. Grady Harp, September 16

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